Life 12 – Murder

175cms x 122cms


Applique, stitch, paint.  The words on this quilt are “And The Crows Came To The Feast and Laid Waste To The Beauty



Close ups










  1. I have just discovered this series of quilts and thrilled to have found them – I am so full of awe, of passion, and so excited to read all of the quilt stories, but for right now I want to tell you that they are wonderful in so many ways that I cannot articulate at the moment. I just know that I have found something really profound. Congratulations on the concept and the amazing workmanship, the marriage of quilts i.e. fabric and thread with philosophical words and articulated feelings is awesome. I am going to stop now because I am babbling.

    • Thank you Pauline, what a lovely comment. I haven’t worked on them for 3 months now, but I will be back after Christmas. I have 5 more planned, plus a slightly new way of working for a couple of them, which I shall share on the blog if you want to tune in!

  2. Lovely imagery for telling your frustration about the situation you find yourself in with your creativity and the close mindedness of purists. Well done! Stone the crows!

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