Autumnal colours and the most fun ever with 2 leaves.

The light was beautiful last night. This is just before it began to rain heavily so the sky is darkening against the bright gold and greens of the trees. The photos were taken from my sofa and out of my living room window.

All that colour and those falling leaves inspired me to do some leaf printing for the landscape project.  Nothing definite just yet, and I was just able to enjoy sloshing around with acrylics and a gelli plate.

I painted the leaf first with red acrylic so that the veins would contrast with the background.

The print on paper, and below, it joins the pile!

The other leaf prints are patterns for printing onto fabric at some point.


    • I’m just playing around at the moment ltw, I have a vague direction to head in but to be honest, I’m just having fun for a few days….having a small break from the intensity of war, plague and famine!!

  1. I got out my file of pressed leaves & I was surprised by how many oak leaves I’d saved. Found two interesting candidates for my linocut. But it also brought back memories of the year experimented with using fresh leaves to stamp paint on fabric. This post adds to my desire to do that again & wishing the dried leaves could be used that way. Some are quite grand.

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