All the wars ever?

Leaf Mould
 I’m doing a spot of research about war, including a list of all the wars ever for the “soil or leaf mould” element of the quilt.  On top of this will be embroidered the numbers of people killed in some of the wars. 
At best, they are only estimates. Can you ever know how many were killed in conflicts, or who died afterwards from starvation and disease? No of course not. World War 2 and the Mongol Conquests are the most numerous I think. WW2 estimates between 40 and 72 million, and the Mongol conquests about 50 million. (1206-1368).
1200 BC Trojan War(believed by many historians to be a mythical event) 499479 BC Persian Wars (also called Greco-Persian Wars) 431404 BC Peloponnesian War 334323 BC Wars of Alexander the Great 300s BC Samnite Wars between Rome and Samnium264241 BC First Punic War 218202 BC Second Punic War 149146 BC Third Punic War 215 BC 197 BC 168 BC Macedonian Wars 9188 BCSocial War 8281 BCSulla‘s civil war 7371 BC – The SpartacistRebellion 5850 BC Julius Caesar‘s Gallic Wars 4945 BC – Caesar’s civil war 48 BC Battle of Pharsalus 43 BC31 BC Roman Civil War 31 BC Battle of Actium 43 Roman occupation of Britain 220265War of Three Kingdoms in China 291306War of the Eight Princes in China 533534Vandal Wars 1066 Norman Conquest 10961291 Crusades 10961099 First Crusade 1101 Crusade of 1101 11471149 Second Crusade 11871191 Third Crusade 12021204 Fourth Crusade 12091229 Albigensian Crusade 1212 Children’s Crusade (Often believed to be just a story) 12171221 Fifth Crusade 1228 Sixth Crusade 12481254 Seventh Crusade 1270 Eighth Crusade 12711291 Ninth Crusade 12931323 War between Sweden and Novgorod ended up with Treaty of Nöteborg 12961328 First War of Scottish Independence 13321333 Second War of Scottish Independence 13371453 Hundred Years’ War 13411364 Breton War of Succession 14201436 Hussite Wars 14541466 Thirteen Years’ War. Between Poland and Teutonic Knights, which finally broke the power of the latter. 14551485 Wars of the Roses 14741477 War between the Duchy of Burgundy and the Swiss Confederation 1478 – War between the Principality of Moscow and the Republic of Novgorod. The latter was conquered.           14941559 Italian Wars 14941498 Charles VIII’s Italian War 14991500 Louis XII’s war with Milan 15001502 Franco-Spanish Conquest of Naples 15021505 Franco-Spanish War over Naples 15081510 War of the League of Cambrai 15101513 War of the Holy League 15111514 Anglo-French War 1513 Anglo-Scottish War (Battle of Flodden) 15151516 Francis I’s first Italian war 15211525 First war of Francis and Charles V 15211525 Anglo-French War 15261529 War of the League of Cognac 15361538 Third War of Francis and Charles 15421544 Last War of Francis and Charles 15421546 Anglo-French War 15421550 Anglo-Scottish War 15491550 Anglo-French War 15521559 Last Italian War 15571559 Anglo-French War 14951497 Russo-Swedish War 14991503 Turkish-Venetian War 15091513 Ottoman Civil War 15141516 Ottoman-Safavid War 15151523 Rebellion of the Frisians 15161517 Ottoman-Mamluk War 15211523 The Swedish War of Liberation 15211523 Uprising of the Comuneros in Castile 15211526 Ottoman-Hungarian War 1522 Ottoman Conquest of Rhodes 1522 The Knights’ War in Germany 15241525 The Peasants’ War in Germany 15261528 Hungarian Civil War 15261555 Ottoman-Safavid War 15281533 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 1531 Swiss Civil War between Zürich and the Catholic cantons 15321546 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean 15331536 The Counts’ War in Denmark 15371544 Renewed Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 15461547 Schmalkaldic War 15511562 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 15511581 Ottoman-Habsburg War in the Mediterranean (Battle of Lepanto (1571)) 15521555 Charles V’s war with Maurice of Saxony 15541557 Great Russian War 15571571 Livonian War 15591560 Scottish Rebellion against the French 15621598 Wars of Religion in France, also called War of the Three Henries or Huguenot Wars 15621563 First War of Religion 15671568 Second War of Religion 15681570 Third War of Religion 15721573 Fourth War of Religion 15751576 Fifth War of Religion 15761577 Sixth War of Religion 1580 Seventh War of Religion (Lovers’ War) 15851598 Eighth War of Religion  15891598 Franco-Spanish War 15621568 Ottoman-Habsburg War in Hungary 15631570 Northern Seven Years’ War also known as Dano-Swedish War 1566 (or 1568) – 1648 Eighty Years’ War (war of Dutch independence)  1566(or 1568) – 1609 First Phase 16211648 Second Phase15671573 Scottish Civil War15681571 Morisco Revolt in Spain15701595 Twenty-five Years’ War between Sweden and Russia15771582 Livonian War (Poland vs. Russia)15771590 Turkish-Persian War15801583 Portuguese Civil War15851604 Anglo-Spanish War (Spanish Armada, 1588)15901606Long War” between the Empire and the Turks15941603 Tyrone Rebellion in Ireland15961597 The Cudgel War in Finland16001611 Polish-Swedish War16021612 Turkish-Persian War16091618 Russo-Polish War16101617 Ingrian War between Sweden and Russia16111613 War of Kalmar between Sweden and Denmark16131617 Russo-Swedish War16141621 Polish-Turkish War16161618 Turkish-Persian War16171629 Polish-Swedish War16181648 Thirty Years’ War across Europe, ends with the Peace of Westphalia. 16181625 Bohemian/Palatine Phase16181629 Austro-Transylvanian War16251629 Danish Phase16251630 Anglo-Spanish War16261630 Anglo-French War16271631 War of the Mantuan Succession16301635 Swedish Phase16351648 French Phase16351659 Franco-Spanish War (ending with the Treaty of the Pyrenees)1645 Renewed Austro-Transylvanian War16231638 Turkish-Persian War16251629 Huguenot Uprising in France16321634 Russo-Polish War1634 Polish-Swedish War1637 Pequot War16391652 English Civil War 1639 First Bishops’ War1640 Second Bishops’ War16411650 Irish War16421646 First Civil War1648 Second Civil War16501652 Scottish Uprising16401656 Catalan Revolt16401668 Portuguese War of Independence16451670 Turkish-Venetian War16481653 The Fronde16481649 First Fronde16501653 Second Fronde16481660 The Deluge/Northern Wars, A series of wars involving Poland, Sweden, Brandenburg, Russia and Transylvania and Denmark 16481654 Cossack Revolt against Poland16541656 Russo-Polish War16551656 Swedish-Brandenburg War16551660 Polish-Swedish War16561658 Russo-Swedish War16561660 Danish-Swedish War16571660 Dutch-Swedish War16581667 Russo-Polish War16521654 First Anglo-Dutch War16561659 Anglo-Spanish War16571662 Turkish-Transylvanian War16621664 Austro-Turkish War16651667 Second Anglo-Dutch War preceded by the capture of New Amsterdam, renamed New York City16671668 War of Devolution16711676 Polish-Turkish War16721678 Dutch War 16721674 Third Anglo-Dutch War16721679 War between Brandenburg and Sweden16751679 Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark16751676 King Philip’s War16781681 Russo-Turkish War16821699 War of the Holy League (Austria, Venice, and Poland vs. Ottomans1685 Monmouth’s Rebellion16881697 War of the Grand Alliance 16891691 Irish Jacobite Uprising16951700 Russo-Turkish War17001721 Great Northern War between a coalition of Denmark/Norway, Russia and Saxony/Poland on one side and Sweden on the other side 17101711 Russo-Turkish War, 1710-11, a part of the Great Northern War17151717 Polish revolt against King Augustus II17011714 War of Spanish Succession 17021713 Queen Anne’s War The North American part of the War of Spanish Succession17031711 Hungarian Revolt17141718 Turko-Venetian War17151716 Jacobite Rebellion also known as “The Fifteen”17161718 Austro-Turkish War17181720 War of the Quadruple Alliance17221723 Russo-Persian War 1722-172317221727 Turco-Persian War17271729 largely bloodless Spanish war with England and France17301736 Turco-Persian War17331738 War of the Polish Succession 17361739 Russo-Turkish War17371739 Austro-Turkish War17401748 War of the Austrian Succession17391748 War of Jenkins’ Ear17401742 1st Silesian War17411743 Hats’ Russian War between Sweden and Russia17441748 King George’s War The North American part of the War of Austrian Succession17441745 2nd Silesian War17441748 First Carnatic War17451746The Forty-five17431747 Turco-Persian War17491754 Second Carnatic War17561763 Seven Years’ War, known as the French and Indian War in the United States, and also 3rd Silesian War 17611763 Spanish-Portuguese War17631766 Pontiac’s Rebellion17681774 Russo-Turkish War17681776 War of the Confederation of Barin Poland17731774 Pugachev’s Rebellion17741783 First Anglo-Maratha War17751783 American Revolutionary War 17781783 Anglo-French War17791783 Anglo-Spanish War17801784 Anglo-Dutch War17771779 War of the Bavarian Succession17851787 Dutch Civil War17871791 Austro-Turkish War17871792 Russo-Turkish War17881790 Gustav III’s Russian War also known as Russo-Swedish War17911804 Haiti Revolutionary War1792 War in defence of the constitutionin Poland17921802 French Revolutionary Wars 17921797 War of the First Coalition 17921795 Franco-Prussian War17921797 Franco-Austrian War17931795 Franco-Spanish War17931795 Franco-Dutch War17931802 Franco-British War17981801 War of the Second Coalition 17981799 Franco-Russian War17991801 Franco-Austrian War17981801 Quasi War1794 Kosciuszko Uprising in Poland17951798 United Irishmen Revolt1801 War of the Oranges18011805 First Barbary War18031805 First Kandyan War18031815 Napoleonic Wars 1805 War of the Third Coalition18061807 War of the Fourth Coalition18071814 Peninsular War1809 War of the Fifth Coalition18021805 Second Anglo-Maratha War1812 Franco-Russian War18131814 War of the Sixth Coalition1815 War of the Seventh Coalition also known as the Hundred Days War1815 Neapolitan War18041806 Serbian Revolt in Ottoman Empire18041810 Fulani War in Nigeria18041813 Russo-Persian War, 1804-1318051811 Egyptian Revolution18061807 Ashanti-Fante War18061812 Russo-Turkish War, 1806-1218081809 The Finnish War between Russia and Sweden wherein Sweden cedes Finland to Russia18091825 Bolivian Independence War18101816 Argentine War of Independence18101811 Anglo-Dutch Java War18101818 Tukulor War18101821 Mexican War of Independence1811 Tecumseh’s War1811 Ga-Fante War18111818 Egyptian-Wahhabi War also known as Ottoman–Saudi War.18111825 Bolívar’s War18111812 Venezuelan War of Independence18131814 Bolívar in Venezuela 1813-1418151816 Spanish Invasion of New Granada18161817 Bolívar in Venezuela 1816-1818191820 Bolívar in New Granada1821 Bolívar in Venezuela 18211822 Republican Campaign in Ecuador18241825 Republican Campaign in Bolivia18121814 War of 1812 fought between the United States and Britain, and part of the greater war between Britain and France18131814 The Creek War18141816 The Gurkha War18141816 Ashanti Invasion of the Gold Coast18141824 San Martin’s War1815 Second Kandyan War1815 Second Barbary War18171818 Chilean War of Independence18171818 Third Anglo-Maratha War18171818 Uva Rebellion18171819 Zulu Civil War18171858 Seminole Wars 18171818 First Seminole War18351842 Second Seminole War18551858 Third Seminole War18201823 Spanish Civil War, 1820-182318211829 Greek War of Independence18211823 Turko-Persian War18211825 Brazilian War of Independence18211837 Padri War in Indonesia18231826 First Anglo-Burmese War18281829 Russo-Turkish War, 1828-291830 July Revolution in France18301831 Polish-Russian war following November Uprising18301839 Belgian War of Independence1835 Toledo War between US territory of Michigan and the US state of Ohio18351836 Texan War of Independence1838 Pastry War between France and Mexico18391842 First Anglo-Afghan War18391842 First Opium War18431872 Several Maori Land Wars in New Zealand 1843 Wairau Massacre18451846 First Maori War also known as Flagstaff War1846 Hutt Valley Campaign1847 Wanganui Campaign18601861 First Taranaki War18631864 Invasion of the Waikato1864 Tauranga Campaign18641866 Second Taranaki War18651868 East Cape War18681869 Titokowaru’s War18681872 Te Kooti’s War18461848 Mexican-American War between the United States and Mexico18481866 Italian Independence wars 18481849 First Italian Independence War, Kingdom of Sardinia allied with other Italian states against Austria1859 Second Italian Independence War, Sardinia and France against Austria1866 Third Italian Independence War, Unified Italy against Austria18481849 Hungarian Revolt of 1848 waged by Hungary against Austria and later Russia18481851 First war of Schleswig18501865 Taiping Rebellion1852 Second Anglo-Burmese War18531856 Crimean War.18561860 Second Opium War18571858 Indian Mutiny also known as the First War Of Indian Independence18571858 Utah War18571901 Caste War of Yucatán18611865 American Civil War in the United States1864 Second war of Schleswig18641870 War of the Triple Alliance; Paraguay against Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil1866 Austro-Prussian War (aka Seven Weeks War)18661868 Red Cloud’s War between the Lakotaand the United States18701871 Franco-Prussian War18721873 Modoc War between the Modocand the United States18761877 Black Hills War between the Lakotaand the United States18771878 Russo-Turkish War, 1877-7818781880 Second Anglo-Afghan War1879 Anglo-Zulu War18791884 War of the Pacific between Chile and the joint forces of Bolivia and Peru18801881 First Boer War in South Africa18851886 Third Anglo-Burmese War18871889 First Italo-Abyssinian War1890 Dog Tax War in New Zealand18941895 First Sino-Japanese War18951896 First Italo-Abyssinian War1897 First Greco-Turkish War18971900 Boxer Rebellion in China1898 Spanish-American War18991902 Second Boer War in South Africa18991902 The war of thousand days in Colombia18991913 Philippine-American War19041905 Russo-Japanese War1905 Revolution of 1905 in Russia19111912 Turco-Italian War fought over Libya19121913 Two Balkan Wars are fought for control of the European territories of the Ottoman Empire19141918 World War I, initially in Europe, then worldwide1916 Easter Rising rebellion in Ireland19171918 Russian Revolution19171920 Estonian Liberation War1918 Finnish Civil War, fought between “the reds” (rebellious Socialists) and “the whites” (anti-Socialists) in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Germany intervened on the side of the Whites.19181922 Russian Civil War, fought between “the reds” (Communists) and “the whites” (tsarists) directly after the Bolshevist Revolution. US, France and Britain also intervened on the side of the whites.1918 Polish-Czech war in TeschenSilesia1918 Viena expedition19181919 Poland and Lwow against Westukrainian Republic19181919 Great Poland Uprising, Provinz Posen against Germany1919 Third Anglo-Afghan War1919 First Silesian Uprising1919 Aunus expedition19191921 Polish-Soviet war Poland and Ukrainian Peoples Republic against Soviets19191921 Anglo-Irish War also known as the Irish War of Independence19191922Turkish War of Independence19201922 Second Greco-Turkish War1920 Second Silesian Uprising Silesian Poles against Germany1921 Third Silesian Uprising Silesian Poles against Germany19221923 Irish Civil War19321935 Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay19341936 Northern Expedition by Kuomintang19351936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War19361939 Spanish Civil War19371945 Second Sino-Japanese War19391945 World War II19391940 Winter War; Part of WW II, Finland against Soviet Union19411944 Continuation War; Part of WW II, Finland against Soviet Union19441945 Lapland War; Part of WW II, Finland against Germany19411945 Pacific War; Part of WW II, Japan against Australia and the United States19411942 Border war between Ecuador and Peru19441949 Greek Civil War19451949 Chinese Civil War19461954 First Indochina War19471949 First Kashmir War between India and Pakistan19481949 First Arab-Israeli War19481960 Malayan Emergency19501953 Korean War (UN-led coalition vs. North Korea)19521960 Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya19541962 Algerian War of Independence19541964 Vietnamese Civil War19551972 First Sudanese Civil War1956 Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)19561959 Cuban Revolution19601996 Guatemalan Civil War1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion (CIA-sponsored invasion attempt by Cuban Nationals)19611975 Angolan War of Independence19621963 Sino-Indian War19641973 Vietnam War between the U.S.-led coalition (including the government of South Vietnam) and the National Liberation Front (NLF), backed by North Vietnam19641975 Mozambique’s War of Independence1965 Second Kashmir War (Second Indo-Pakistani War)19651996 Chad Civil War19661988 Namibian War of Independence1967 Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)19671970 Biafra War in Nigeria19671975 Cambodian Civil War1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador.1971 The Pakistani Civil War that becomes the Third Indo-Pakistani War1973 Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War)19741991 Ethiopian Civil War19751989 Angolan Civil War19751991 Lebanese Civil War19751998 War of Indepence in East Timor1979 Sino-Vietnamese War19791992 El Salvador Civil War19801988 Iran-Iraq War1981 Border war between Ecuador and Peru1982 Falklands War between United Kingdom and Argentina1982 Lebanon War19821984 Mozambique’s Ciwil War1983 Operation Urgent Fury, U.S.-sponsored invasion of Grenada19832000 Civil War in Sri Lanka19881994 Nagorno-Karabakhwar between Armenia and Azerbaijan19891990 Operation Just Cause, United States invades Panama19901991 Persian Gulf War between Iraq and UN-led coalition19901992 Rwanda Civil War19912001 Yugoslav Wars 1991 Slovenian War19911995 Croatian War19921995 Bosnian War19981999 Kosovo War2001 Macedonian War19911993 Georgian civil wars 19911992 South Ossetian war19921994 Abkhazian War1993 Georgian civil war, western Georgia19911997 Sierra Leone Civil War19931999 Burundi Civil War1994 Yemen Civil War19941996 First Chechen War1995 Cenepa War between Peru and Ecuador19961997 Liberian Civil War19982000 Border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea1999 Kargil Conflict19992003 Second Liberian Civil War2006Lebanon War between Israel and the Hezbollah (organization in Southern Lebanon)1999Second Chechen War2001Civil War in Côte d’Ivoire20032010Invasion of Iraq12004Haiti rebellion2008Second South Ossetia War20112011 Libyan civil war20122013 Northern Mali conflict.1947 – Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan1948 – Palestinian conflict with the Israelis1966Colombian Civil War1978Afghanistan Civil War 1978 – Communist coup of 197819781992 Civil war between Mujahideen and Democratic Republic of Afghanistan19791989 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan1991Somalian Civil War 19921993 Civil War between different tribal military forces19942001 Civil War between Taliban movement and Northern alliance2001United States war in Afghanistan1983Second Sudanese Civil War1992Civil War in Algeria1994Zapatista Revolution in Mexico1995Second Ugandan Civil War1996Civil War in Nepal2003Darfur conflict, Sudan2011 – Syrian Civil War2013 – India – Pakistan border skirmishes


  1. Hello Sharron, thank you so much for your comment and wonderful support. I’ve just finished reading some recollections of the coventry blitz – it must have been harrowing. You’re so right about all the wars there have been, still are, and will be….it will never stop which is depressing. Mind you, if you stop watching the news, very little impacts on normal day to day life. I switched off recently whilst watching 2 stories; one of a little boy – a toddler – gasping for breath with his pupils dilated, poisoned by sarin gas…he died. The other was a case of a small child tortured and killed my his parents. They force fed him salt for Gods sake. I cried buckets but got to the stage where I couldn’t bear it and switched it off for the week it filled the news on tv.

  2. Hi Annabel,
    I am new to, and in awe of your work ! Wow ! Your women are all so beautiful … I feel I am in such good company.
    I did a ‘war’ piece once and started the same way … with a list that seemed never-ending. I now look on current wars as just part of the huge war machine that has always been a part of the life of man on this planet … it’ll never stop … it’s just business as usual. I am, now, quite cynical when it comes to this topic. But, once I got that research down I enjoyed having ‘my say’ on it … not as much writing as you do but, three rows of machine stitching around a huge peace sign with war words and phrases. And I felt good when it was done.
    Good luck with your piece and I will happily follow where you go.

    • It seemed to me that wars are becoming more numerous not less. One thing is for sure, the list will go on – I don’t see that it will ever stop. As long as there are human beings, there will be war and destruction.

    • No, you’re absolutely right. The news has been awful lately. When I saw that toddler gasping for breath after the sarin attack in Syria, I thought there’s no hope for mankind really. So brutal, so evil.

  3. Annabel – not a lot of help, my comment,but I think you’ve missed a few. There must have been a whole heap of Viking and Scandinavian wars in the dark ages, but since theirs was at that time a mostly oral history I doubt that they were recorded. and then the wars so southern Spain when the castillians fought the Moors. So, as I say, not helpful.

    But when you write all these down it makes you wonder how the human race survived at all.

    • It is a lot of help ltw, and thank you. If anyone out there knows of others, please let me know. I have to say that I’m astonished you actually read all that!!! Gold star 🙂

    • War of the Castilian Succession was the military conflict contested from 1475 to 1479 for the succession of the Crown of Castile fought between the supporters of Joanna la Beltraneja, daughter of the late monarch Henry IV of Castile, and those of Henry’s half sister, Isabella, who was ultimately successful. Twill be included of course.

      Vikings are a bit tricky: “Vikings didn’t recognize fellow Vikings. In fact, they probably didn’t even call themselves Vikings: The term simply referred to all Scandinavians who took part in overseas expeditions. During the Viking Age, the land that now makes up Denmark, Norway and Sweden was a patchwork of chieftain-led tribes that often fought against each other—when they weren’t busy wreaking havoc on foreign shores, that is.” Bit difficult to find a date that can be pinned to a “war” but I’ll continue looking. Thank you x

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