1. Wow your work really is amazing. Very brave and it has more hidden meanings than you see at first site. Beautiful and intelligent.

  2. Thank you for sharing your work. Absolutely beautiful, truthful, vulnerable yet strong. Just amazing.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment….very wonderful of you to take the time and trouble to say such amazing things! x

  3. How wonderful to get the insight into the process of your creativity. Thanks for Sharing.
    .. I do have one question: you use a 4b or 2b pencil to write your text… does it wash out before you paint it, or do you just paint over it ?
    Cheers… love your work.

    • Thank you! I use what’s to hand, but 4b is softer and easier to write with on cloth. Keep it sharp. I paint over, but I believe it does wash out if you feel the need…or you could just use a rubber!

    • Thank you Julie, and apologies for the duplicate posting – you’ve had it before! I’ve been rejigging the website.

  4. I so enjoyed watching and listening to these. I have looked at the Mappa Mundi inspired piece several times now and does it really say courage on the last ‘village’, it looks very much like bondage?

    • Mmmm, it is indeed. I remember making a mistake and thought we’d reshot it, but perhaps not! You know by now, I think, that I can be a bit daft!

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