1. Thank you for sharing your work. Absolutely beautiful, truthful, vulnerable yet strong. Just amazing.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment….very wonderful of you to take the time and trouble to say such amazing things! x

  2. How wonderful to get the insight into the process of your creativity. Thanks for Sharing.
    .. I do have one question: you use a 4b or 2b pencil to write your text… does it wash out before you paint it, or do you just paint over it ?
    Cheers… love your work.

    • Thank you! I use what’s to hand, but 4b is softer and easier to write with on cloth. Keep it sharp. I paint over, but I believe it does wash out if you feel the need…or you could just use a rubber!

    • Thank you Julie, and apologies for the duplicate posting – you’ve had it before! I’ve been rejigging the website.

  3. I so enjoyed watching and listening to these. I have looked at the Mappa Mundi inspired piece several times now and does it really say courage on the last ‘village’, it looks very much like bondage?

    • Mmmm, it is indeed. I remember making a mistake and thought we’d reshot it, but perhaps not! You know by now, I think, that I can be a bit daft!

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