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Here is the progress on Life 17, The Fragility of Self Worth. There’s quite a lot of research as well as stitching involved with this quilt, including analysing statistics for cosmetic surgery in 2014. You’d be surprised what people get up to out there. For example (switch off here if you’re delicate about these things) there’s a tribe that thinks you look better with less limbs so amputates them. Folk who think their tongues are better split or coming out the sides of their mouths, so have them redirected. Well, maybe that’s enough for most people, so I’ll stop, but it does make you think of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and I’ve been wondering who agrees to do these things to people.
progress with life

Of course, the quilt isn’t just about cosmetic surgery, but I am looking at how we perceive ourselves and about identity. At the moment I’ve focused on the physical aspects but don’t forget this is just the top right hand corner! I shall be moving onto the final top section next week, and then I’ll begin the main life drawing. The majority of the quilt will be in shades of blue I think. I always hanker after Prussian Blue, and it’s not the easiest colour to work with because it’s so transparent and needs many layers of paint to get a nice finish on cloth.

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  1. Jeez – that’s a bit deep and unsettling. And there’s me just thinking I could do with loosing a few pounds! Guess if I shed a leg along the way that would solve that problem.

    Your research is not exactly comfortable is it.

    All of that said, keep up the good work.

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