Self Portrait ready for stitching.

The fabric collage has been slowly building over the last few weeks, and I’m now ready to stitch. It will then be painted. It’s a self portrait but won’t have a picture of me in it.  I popped a photo into the frame below to see if it was ok, but I’ve decided that David Bowie and Grayson Perry would be far nicer, and they will both be part of the dialogue of my self portrait – as they have both had influence. I’ve found photos I really like of them both and will work on portraits based on them. The stitching will involve lots of text as usual making it personal but at the same time a record of time.






The finished collage. The colours will have to be made to work together, and I’ll do that by overpainting – knocking back the quilt in the background, adding zing to the sunflowers, that sort of thing. I might yet add one or two other things to the foreground but not sure what just yet!



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