Self Portrait in the 3rd Person

Here’s a few photos of the progress so far. The lovely David Bowie now adorns one of the photo frames. The wording behind it is the date he died, followed by Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and then a list of the alter ego’s he adopted over the years. I enjoyed painting his portrait!


I’ve stitched in the basics of the sunflowers, but may add more petals in a different colours. All these petals will be painted in the end to add a little definition and blur lines – eg where the colours in the centre change (below).


The stitching  contains lots of text, not only on the objects but on the cloth for example, to delineate the folds.

I’ve found a title I like for the piece that I like; “Self Portrait in the 3rd Person” as it’s about my life time and things that have influenced, but looked at from the outside. I find doing a self portrait in the normal way a little too self absorbing for comfort! So, there are lots of dates with things that have happened in the last 60 years – everything from the Equal Pay Act, to the 1st fish finger (1955 in case you were wondering).

The applique is stage one. The stitching is stage 2 (and there’s much left to do) and the painting is Stage 3.  I allowed myself the luxury of painting David ahead of plan because I couldn’t resist!


The text is difficult to read on the photo below, but it’s just a list of events such as the maiden flight of Concord, decimilization, start of the motorway system etc.


I’m looking forward to turning this little book into something more lifelike, with wonky pages and drippy paint. It’s a small book I made a couple of years ago – a tiny little sketchbook of things I like.





I love to read your comments, thank you.