More progress on Self Portrait in the 3rd Person

The National Portrait Gallery put a quote on Facebook this morning:

“The word portrait is a very open term; it allows for experimentation, discovery, and the fact that almost anything can be a portrait, whether it is of a human face or a bouquet of flowers.” Quite a lot of the work being done at the moment by Through Our Hands artists for our next exhibition at Festival of Quilts, challenges the traditional ideas of portraiture, which should make for a very exciting exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham, in August 2017.

Self Portrait in the 3rd Person, which is one of my pieces, does contain 2 portraits in the traditional way, both in photo frames. I’ve found the second one very challenging as it’s almost a miniature I think, being just 3 inches by 4.5 inches. The skin tones are difficult because of the makeup, but also that amount of stitch in a small space means there’s not a lot of room to blend paint. I’ve always liked Grayson Perry – he speaks a lot of sense.

I’ve zoomed in really close for this shot. Eeeek! It’s better if you stand back a bit 🙂







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