Preparing for Festival of Quilts

Through Our Hands has a gallery at Festival of Quilts for 4 days from 10th August to 13th. Do come and say hello. Laura and I will be in TG9 which is not too far away from the Baked Potatoes!!

As well as a fabulous gallery with all new work from some of the most incredible artists from around the world, there will be a wall dedicated to the Portrait Shuffle, which has been done to raise funds for Save The Children. Find out more here and see some of the work. Laura and I are also doing a piece of performance art in the gallery alongside each other. We’re painting portraits, so pop along and see how we’re doing. If you haven’t taken part in the Shuffle, but would like to make a donation, we’ll have a bright red STC bucket next to the till.

A while ago I decided to try something new – not leaving the Life Story Quilts, but having a break. The first quilts are beginning to emerge, and the quilt I shall be painting live at the NEC will be one of the new ones – Talking Heads #1. Here’s a sneaky preview. I don’t want to give the game away by showing the whole thing or it won’t be a surprise, and to be honest, I know it doesn’t look much at the moment but I hope it will be transformed into something new and exciting…bit of a gamble finding out at a show, but such is life!





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