Daily Drawing, exhibitions, and magazine.

The daily drawing challenge is coming along, although I don’t quite manage to do every day as there’s too many other things going on.  But I find it useful and it’s easy enough to plonk myself in front of the TV and doodle away!  I’m putting all these together with the non textile work on www.annabelrainbow.blogspot.com

drawing collage

Of course I’m still working on the Life Quilts at the same time, and have been drawing on cloth with pencil ready for the next one – Life 15, Roots.  I’m toying with calling it “Woman that is born of Woman” but I’ll just see how it grows before I finalize anything.


Life 10 is currently on exhibition at Bilston Art Gallery. You can just see it in the background behind Michael Brennand Wood who’s installing a piece on the adjacent wall.  The exhibition is called Craft and Conflict and is part of Wolverhampton’s WW1 commemorations.


Also, exciting news for me this month!  My work is being featured in an art magazine produced by Dr Jan Parker, (Chair, Humanities Higher Education International Research Group, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge; and Senior Member, Faculties of Classics and English, University of Cambridge; Editor-in-Chief, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education: an international journal of theory, research and practice )

It’ll be a special Issue edition of the magazine on Material Culture and Women’s History, featuring Life 4 – “Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today?”


  1. How exciting about the art magazine feature. It should be a fascinating issue with that theme and what a coup for you and the art quilt community.

    Also, what a perfect exhibit for Life 10. Your work certainly is getting around!

    • Thank you Sheila, I don’t know much about it to be honest – I was just asked for my permission which I gave quite readily. They mentioned free dinner and a visit to Cambridge to do a sort of show-and-tell, but I don’t have the quilt they were particularly interested in any more so it looks like I shall have to buy my own sandwiches.

    • Thank you Julie! I’m enjoying the sketches – mostly! – but still need to loosen up a bit!

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