Life 13 – terrifying but progress

Life 15 – which hasn’t quite earned it’s name yet but has been known as Roots up until now, is coming along but has to be fitted in around other things just at the moment.




I’m using a different approach/technique for this one and I’m finding it terrifying to do, as the title of the post suggests.  It’s in a very rough state at the moment but I thought you might like to see the start of it all.

Every quilt I’ve done so far has involved a certain look, and an amount of stitching which is in place before the paint is applied to the cloth. This one is being done the other way around; as a painting first, which will be stitched afterwards. I’m making up the story and image as I go along and that’s hard with no frame of reference.  I’m hoping my new sewing machine will enable me to sew through paint – the others never have and the processes and construction has been dictated by that before.

I have no idea yet how to quilt this piece apart from the text elements. I shall be adding words to this quilt but not until after the top layer is completed and they will be on the roots only. I’ve been looking into mitochondrial dna – and that’s just a breeze!!  The word mitrochondrial will certainly will have to appear in the title somewhere I think.

Life 15
Sketchbook – a preparatory sketch with biro on cartridge paper


On cloth
First layer of paint on cloth


completed pain outline
Acrylic paint outline – portrait to do
Welding into a tree
Part of the body will be part of the tree
Detail of figure




  1. Don’t I love this one!! The body / tree reminds me of Daphne and Apollo, one of my favorite sculptures. As a former biology TA, mitochondrial DNA is fascinating. As an adopted person I had mine traced to aboriginal Central America (Mayan, Inca??). Just an amazing piece.

    • Wow Beth, not sure how you might feel about that, but it’s an incredibly interesting journey. Mayan?? well I never. Oh, and thanks!

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