Some progress on Life 13 – Mitochondrial Roots

At least I now have a title!  Mitrochondrial Roots.  I’ve been busy working on lots of things besides Life 15, as the new Through Our Hands action packed magazine is out very shortly.  If you haven’t received your free copies of 1 and 2 and want to sign up for them, you can do so here.  The sign up box is on the right hand side about half way down the page.

My apologies too, if you received an email or two about videos etc.  I’m afraid it was a bit of a mistake!  I was rejigging the website and pressed a wrong button.  I have enormous fun playing around with websites – it’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle to me – but am no expert, and the posts sneaked out when I wasn’t looking.  I haven’t quite finished yet, but am happier with the layout already.


The two  bodies you can see are stitched, and one more is painted.  I think there may be others too but in the background.  The large tree trunk which is out of sight in the above image, some words sewn onto it. (bottom of page)

We’ve all grown up with male primogeniture.  It still exists of course.  It was only a couple of years ago that the UK government agreed that a first born – even if it was female – could rule. This makes them equal in standing to male siblings.  But hey, it is only 2014 after all.  Did you know that you don’t have to change your name when you marry and could carry on the family name to your children if you wish?  Did you know, that we can all trace our families, all our ancestors, back to one woman?  Every single person alive on this planet today is related to one woman, Mitrochondrial Eve.  So really,  to keep things in the family, we should have had female primogeniture.  Just saying!!  Here’s the words:

No matter what colour our skin is, or our language, or our culture, we all share ancestors from the people who built Stonehenge, or who rode with Genghis Khan, or set sail across the oceans in canoes, or who planted papyrus on the banks of the Nile. Everyone alive today can trace their lineage back over 2 hundred thousand years to one woman, Mitochondrial Eve.





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