Life 17 – The Inexorable Tide Of Dinner

I’ve been working on The Inexorable Tide of Dinner which is a light hearted look at being bogged down with domesticity when you just want to get on and do other things. I felt I wanted to lighten the mood after the last couple of quilts, and before I start a slightly weightier piece coming up soon in Life 18 – The Fragility Of Self Worth.

There’s an image below of the painting so far.  I’ve enjoyed using lemon yellow and delft blue for the skin tones, but I shall be doing a lot more to them in the next few days and they will probably change completely. Her face colours at the moment make her look like she’s had jaundice and has been in a fight!!

Also below is the article in Australia’s Textile Fibre Forum; I was thrilled when a copy plopped on my door mat yesterday, and a picture or two of Maker Making Made at Festival of Quilts this year which I co-curated with Laura Kemshall. We had a great time with lots of visitors – the performance art went really well, and the book sold a few copies, so we’re having a quiet few moments before starting on the next stage of Through Our Hands.

See inside the book here, and buy if you wish for £10 plus p&p


Festival of Quilts 2015

Sue Stone, Annabel Rainbow, Linda Barlow and Dijanne Cevaal
Above: Sue Stone, Annabel Rainbow, Linda Barlow and Dijanne Cevaal



Alicia Merrett
Above: Alicia Merrett

Below: Jette Clover

Jette Clover

Laura Kemshall on the move!


Me having a paint


Michala Gyetvai and Annabel Rainbow
Michala Gyetvai and Annabel Rainbow

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