Life 17 – Progress, Some eyes and 4 portraits

More progress on The Futility of Self Worth

Self worth is connected to how we (sighted people) fear, or hope, others see us. The things we say, and people say about us also feature, but this part of the quilt has a lot to do with eyes, looking, and seeing.

I have now completed 2 more portraits and nearly done another, making 4 so far. What you may not realize is that they are all of the same person, but done in different styles of painting. The second is inspired by Picasso (if I may be so bold as to say that!)

Drawing out onto cloth, with my model’s photo in front of me, and what I assume is the image of a Picasso painting though I don’t know the name of it. It’s there to spark ideas and not copy. My results are too planned I think and lack the spontaneity of the painting…I’m also a bit too symmetrical.



The painting was too bright to sit alongside the rest of the quilt, so I’ve knocked back the colours by adding a couple of neutral washes – and delighted myself in the process by discovering the way the thin washes of paint have added texture to the thickly painted, wadded and stitched cloth.


Next is a more standard portrait in style with what was supposed to be sticking plasters, but turned out more like thin bandages. The words are highlights from 2014 statistics on cosmetic surgery, and I needed more space to stitch them so they’ve turned into bandages. I suppose in part it was inspired by an image on Pinterest of someone who’d covered themselves in white paint and then wrapped themselves completely in strips of paper before taking a series of photos of the result.


Finally a portrait not finished yet, but will probably be pen and wash. Chains feature here, as the main part of the quilt will -like Life 2 – involve some chains on the main figure.


All this work forms a background to the main event, and may have to be adjusted when all the sections are finally pieced together. (The piecing has been fun to do, but is incidental and merely provides a place to sew thoughts and ideas. It’s been done as American piecing and sometimes Foundation piecing, and the seams are intentionally bent – hardly a straight line anywhere. However, where seams are supposed to meet, they do I think!)

Thank you for reading!






  1. So excited to see this as it progresses. Love the fact that you share with this how you do it. I am not artistic in any way – but I see this and I want to take a magnifying glass and go over it inch by inch trying to figure out how it was done. Thank you for explaining how and why you did this or that. Keep it coming. xoxoxo

    • Thank you for being interested and commenting Carol – good to know there’s people out there!!

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