The Last Vision – new work

As soon as studio space is cleared and everything is back where I can find it, I want to start work on that new quilt. You can follow it’s progress in a more light hearted way here but of course I shall be posting the progress here as well – just not so often!

I’ve been recharging the batteries for a bit since March, probably having done too much, or too many things all at once. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, especially if you’re on the wrong side of 60 and a bit poorly. I’m better now but it’s taken a few months to regain my energy.

But you can’t switch ideas off, and if your brain has a ping-moment, there’s nothing you can do to ignore it! As I seem to think in quilts naturally rather than any other medium, I’m looking forward to starting again on a new large piece which will be part of the Life Story series but moving on a bit.

I like a title. It’s often a starting point and if it isn’t, I’m not comfortable until I’ve found it. – this piece will probably have the title of The Last Vision, or simply, Vision. It’ll be portraits but not sure yet how the technicalities of the rest will be – I’m not sure if I want to make this a huge piecing thing, or if I’m brave enough to forget the technical side in favour of seams and loose threads. I actually want to enter this piece into a competition as well as exhibit it, so I guess that’s an important consideration.

I have an image library (2 images below) but unfortunately don’t have the artists names for these pieces which have both inspired me.




  1. I love you. I love your brutal honesty and the photo of your workspace. Thank you thank you. I want to BE you when I grow up.

  2. Wow Annabel, that’s a really goodly ” stash”, trust the cupboards will help you achieve some sense of order, to make your life easier. In my new home here in Warks, I have a small room which I designated ” My Sewing/Projects room”, at least I can close the door and leave things out in readiness etc.
    Instead of buying cupboards, I bought 2 sets of ” heavy duty” chromed stacking shelves from Argos. Delivered to your door at a time to suit you, often the same day if your local store has them in stock !!. Have seen them used on TV too in some of the cookery shows e.g. Master Chef. Jolly good they are too !!
    Just a thought if you need any further storage areas. Everything easy to view, especially in plastic boxes,. There are 3 tier and 4 tier versions available and no cupboard doors which need space to be opened !! Look forward to seeing how your new quilt “comes to birth”.!

    • Thank you Beryl! I have already bought my cupboards from Ikea (predictably) because I need to make the space dual function for a bit – they’re dressers in style and quite capacious as well as being cheapish! We put them together yesterday and the great work of sorting and stacking has begun.

  3. You’ve made me feel better about my own mess of a studio with that top picture. 🙂 I keep trying to clear my workspace but instead just shuffle things around, stack more and even start piles on the floor which I’m now having to step over. But I too am feeling ready to get back to work, get back to a series I started earlier in the year and then set aside partially done pieces for play with other things. Energy is an ongoing issue here too and I must seize opportunities when I get them. But I am ready I think to learn how to work through the low energy times too like I once did.

    Those other pictures – I can see why they provide you with inspiration (those hands!) and I look forward to seeing where this next piece in your series goes.

    • Yes they’re wonderful hands aren’t they? I love the focus you get from painting something quite realistically and setting in amongst a looser background. The clothes are just fab – all those textures! Good luck with your new work.

  4. I’m sorry to read you’ve been unwell Annabel, I didn’t think I’d seen you around for some time. don’t make yourself ill again finding your work table 😉 (my sewing table often looks like your space too).

    • Lol! I’ll try not to! I have new cupboards coming tomorrow and when I’m sorted I’ll get started – quite excited if I’m honest!

      • I loved your observation about not being able to turn off one’s brain which I have discovered much to my chagrin, insists on presenting interesting ideas even when I think I don’t want to do this anymore, that little unexpected pop that gets one all excited again. But of course, there’s always that sorting of the workspace that has to precede action on those pops!

I love to read your comments, thank you.