A Start – The Last Vision

It’s really helpful to work on something else whilst you let an idea brew and fester in your head for a bit! The Last Vision is still largely as my first thoughts imagined it, but has changed slightly for the better, to show progression of time.

I have been dyeing fabric and mapping out roughly what will go where, and have scrawled chalk marks to get the scale of positioning of my portraits. You can also see some connecting lines and a small head in the bottom right (a ghost shape of things that might be). I use chalk to mark and baby wipes to wipe away.

The fabric was dyed and overdyed to get this shade but although it’s a warm neutral and what I was after, it will probably change to black or to red (not sure just yet)

I have not been lazy whilst I’ve been waiting to start this and here’s a few images of other work done whilst cogitating.

A portrait of my daughter in fast flow acrylics. A3

One of my Leamington People portraits – The Town Clerk – Indian ink on A5 paper

Pencil sketch of my mother – pencil on cartridge paper A3

Talking Heads progresses too!

And a story in a box (Princess and the Pea) for my granddaughters. The box lid lifts off to reveal a room with a bed (which holds the book with a rewritten story) and lots of mattresses.


    • Thank you. Quite a strange sensation staring hard at a face you thought you knew well and seeing things you hadn’t seen before!

  1. My word you have been busy and in so many different media!! At present have no inspiration or motivation, you put me to shame !!!

I love to read your comments, thank you.