Life 2 – Be The Change You Want

161cms x  119cms

(SOLD. In Private Collection, USA)

Image shortly available as a cotton tea towel. Please use Contact me form for details.


The words on this quilt are by Jean-Jaques Rousseau, and are from Emile (1762) – his seminal work on education. He wrote…

“Men and women are made for each other, but their mutual dependence is not equal. We could survive without them better than they could without us. They are dependent on our feelings, on the price we put on their merits, on the value we set on their attractions and on their virtues. Thus women’s entire education should be planned in relation to men. To please men, to be useful to them, to win their love and respect, to raise them as children, to care for them as adults, counsel and console them make their lives sweet and pleasant”

The imagery on the quilt is about breaking free from the chains of convention, and making choices.