Gallery 1 - The Life Quilts

Life 1 – Measures of Time

Painted and pieced quilt 57″ x 42″ Also available as a high quality tea towel. See below This quilt is about ageing.  The body has […]

Gallery 2 - Other Quilts

Stones and Lizards

STONES AND LIZARDS (85CMS X 60CMS)   A taula (meaning table in Catalan) is a T-shaped stone monument found on the Balearic island of Menorca. […]

Gallery 2 - Other Quilts

Bamboo 2

Bamboo 2 39″ x 36″ sold

Gallery 2 - Other Quilts


Dragonfly nfs A Small Dragonfly This Way, That Way, This Way, That, And It Passes By.