Head down, focused

Windrush 6 detail

A little update to say that after a short break I’m back to stitching Benjamin. I’m adding layers of paint and stitch a little bit at a time to make sure I get a happy balance between all the elements that build into a quilt. No point cracking on with the portrait to find the stitching affects it negatively.

The piece is called “The background’s too dark, it needs to be whiter” a reaction to the piece of cloth I had printed with Brum images from an old sketchbook. I had to knock it back a bit with white paint to achieve a balance and the title was born.

I’ve been adding some stitching and then another layer of white paint which I’ve rollered on top. I’m still working on this and will be doing for a while before moving back to the portrait.

Sketchbook drawings of Birmingham


Windrush 6 detail

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