The Harmony of Difference 2

heavy stitch and posca

Spread the Love, Show Compassion is the second part of The Harmony of Difference. The two quilts will hang next to each other with a small gap between them. Each is about 120cms x 100cms.

building The Harmony of Difference 2


I’ve just started stitching this one and it’ll be a long job. I also have George Saunders to finish as well before deciding whether or not to try for the second Benjamin Zephaniah piece. This will make a total of 9/10 new pieces for the exhibition in Leamington which is more than enough I think. Daniel’s piece will take up space in the middle of the floor and will be quite imposing, and the other 4 artists should have enough work to fill the remaining walls but I won’t know until the summer. If we are short of work, there will be plenty of time for me to sort something out. I have Life Story quilts which haven’t been seen in Leamington before.

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