Windrush 6 – Benjamin Zephaniah’s 2nd piece

Stamped text and bright pink thread.

On the studio wall for the last few days has been the last piece for now in the Windrush series. Benjamin’s mum came over here in 1957 and he was born in Brum, one of twins.

The background cloth is printed from images I’ve made of some of Birmingham’s notable buildings, and the text is written loosely with acrylic black ink and will be stitched over in white thread. The stamped text is highlighted in pink and I hope it will stand out once the figure is painted and the background is knocked back. The painting will be like the other Windrush quilts I think with the facial portrait, hair and hands done as normal, but the clothes fading away. Benjamin died this year, which is very sad – his life was adventurous to say the least but he had a deep humanity and love of people in his soul.

Benjamin 2 in progress
Close up of some of the stamped text highlighted with pink thread.

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