Windrush. Fading away with memories that will be lost. It’s a history we should record. This is a blog of how my pieces are building.

The series so far:

1) Rachel  – Most Racist Was In White Church  2) Marcia – Validation  3)  The Background’s Too Strong, it Needs to be Whiter 4) Jeff Brown – You Try To Do Your Best  5) George Saunders

There will be 5 in the series at the exhibition at Leamington Art Gallery in Jan 2025. The original inspiration was a collection of 3 quilts in the gallery archives, detailing experiences of life before and after Windrush. One of these quilts will hang alongside mine. As part of my reasearch I was given a link to a video that shows the elders and their families talking about their experiences of life in the UK and the changes they had to make, and their problems adapting to us and us to them. The words on the quilts are transcribed from this video. I visited some them at a local church community lunch and chatted, eat, and took photos.  

Windrush 1 Rachel Thomas – Most Racist Was In White Church

Windrush 2 Marcia Watson – Validation

Windrush 3 Jeff Brown – You Try To Do Your Best

Windrush 4 George Saunders  Under Construction

Windrush 5 Benjamin Zephaniah Under Construction