The Life Quilts

Life 10

Although the 20 Life Story Quilts have come to an end, and most are now in private collections around the world, there are 4 left that are available for display/exhibitions. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

Each quilt includes a life model and a heavily stitched background with text of the “story” the quilt illustrates, and they cover a wide variety of subjects: feminism, work, motherhood, monopause, abuse, depression, bullying, ageing and injustice.

I am moving on now in a new and to me, exciting direction, for the time being….but the quilts and I may be back!

The words to each quilt open in another page – it’s a slow process to do this and I’ve only just started, but click the titles to read the sewn words and see images and close ups.

Poisonous Plant


Mitochondrial Roots

On The Shelf (click title to read words)

The UnProfessional Wife

Leaf Mould


Fighting Back

Still Life (with orange)

Shall I Be Mother?

Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today

Switching Off

Be The Change You Want

The Glass Ceiling

Poisonous Plant

Measures of Time

Self Portrait in the Third Person

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