Rachel Thomas

Windrush. Fading away with memories that will be lost. It’s a history we should record. This is a blog of how my pieces are building.

The series so far:

1) Rachel  – Most Racist Was In White Church  2) Marcia – Validation  3)  The Background’s Too Strong, it Needs to be Whiter 4) Jeff Brown – You Try To Do Your Best  5) George Saunders

A narrative of resilience, courage, and perseverance.


Threads of Memory – Windrush portrait #1, Rachel Thomas. “Most Racist Was In White Church”.



16th August 2023

Knocking back the pink cloth by using blue thread. I started using a beautiful slightly shiny lyocell thread from madeira, but after adjusting tensions on top, plus bobbin, changing the needle, etc I had to give up and start unpicking, and then switch to my usual gutermann thread. Not such an exciting colour but no problems stitching. 

12th August 2023

“My couldn’t stand fish and chips because our fish used to be well fried and when dad buy fish and chips it’s white inside and I said no, I’m not going to eat this . But tell you now I would change any Caribbean food for fish and chips. I would change any rice and peas and ackee and saltfish. Give me fish and chips”.

10th August 2023

The quilt is building slowly and I’m working on the hands at the moment. The idea is that you can see the fabric through the painting, which you can, but from a distance it gives a slightly mottling effect – bit to difficult to paint in a thinner way without losing the realism which is important to me for these Windrush pieces. I’ve also been working on fish and chips as they play a significant part in Rachel’s life in the UK. 

 First layers of stitching and first layers of paint. 

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