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Talking Heads

I had one of those nights when you wake at some unearthly hour and can’t get back to sleep again because your mind is racing. The weight of the world was not weighing me down […]

In brief

Much of my work is now in private collections in the UK, Australia, and the US. Four of the ‘Life’ series of quilts remain available for exhibition if required. Currently producing new work for exhibition in 2025.

I enjoy teasing out some knotty concerns using stitch and my work is largely figurative in some form and often features people’s stories using text.  I hope to draw on the long feminine history of quilts to reveal ideas relating to gender, work, inequality, female oppression, and prejudice in all forms to all people.

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Momento Mori 3 – Ritual

Momento Mori quilts

Background to the Momento Mori quilts: OK, so not everyone likes my quilts as they are not what you might normally expect to see and are sometimes quite challenging, but in my small studio tucked […]

Ritual update 5


Drawings in pen and ink and pencil, in A4 size, shrunk and waxed to hang on chains across the top of the piece. I’m taking a break from the drawing to do more research, and […]

Ritual – update number 4


Ritual is based on responses to death in rituals and belief across many different cultures. These rituals are concerned with explanation, validation and integrations into other peoples views. The quilt, “Momento Mori 3 – Ritual”, […]

Working on

I’m busy making for an exhibition at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum in January 2025. I will be exhibiting alongside Linda and Laura Kemshall, Jennie Moncur, Daniel Lismore, and Stephanie Redfern. Click this text to read the dedicated blog here.

The gallery has a collection of quilts in their stores made to celebrate Windrush. I’m building pieces around these, focusing on portraits of local Windrush elders or their families. I have completed 3 of 5.

I’m also using the sentiments stitched on some of the samplers in storage, to build pieces based on the idea of Momento Mori, and have completed 2 of 3/4. Victorian samplers often contain prayers referencing an afterlife and the need to be pious in this one.

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And the crows came to the feast and destroyed the beauty. Life Quilt