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The Harmony of Difference 2

Diary of Progress

Spread the Love, Show Compassion is the second part of The Harmony of Difference. The two quilts will hang next to each other with a small gap between them. Each is about 120cms x 100cms. […]

Benjamin Zephaniah

Diary of Progress

I’ve made a start on the first Benjamin Zephaniah’s portrait, and the image below shows it with the gold leaf in place but I haven’t quite finished the painting and there’s lots more stitching to […]

In the studio this week

Diary of Progress

Talking Heads – The Harmony Of Difference 1 Just the eyes to do! Apr 18, 2024 98cms x 120cms. Dyed and printed fabrics, applique, hand and heavy machine stitching, acrylic paint techniques. Well I thought […]

Update on new work

Diary of Progress

On the board this morning, ready for layering up and a lot of stitching before I start the painting bit, is this first piece in the new series. I think the stencilling at the bottom […]

Talking Heads – posting #2

Diary of Progress

The starting point for this piece was to dye some fabric. When you set out to dye there’s usually loads of chemicals around so you can easily do more than 1 piece, even if they’re […]

Other quilts

Other Quilts

Other quilts

23rd Feb 2024 I had one of those nights when you wake at some unearthly hour and can’t get back to sleep again because your mind is racing. The weight of the world was not […]

In brief

Much of my work is now in private collections in the UK, Australia, and the US. Four of the ‘Life’ series of quilts remain available for exhibition if required. Currently producing new work for exhibition in 2025.

I enjoy teasing out some knotty concerns using stitch and my work is largely figurative in some form and often features people’s stories using text.  I hope to draw on the long feminine history of quilts to reveal ideas relating to gender, work, inequality, female oppression, and prejudice in all forms to all people.


And the crows came to the feast and destroyed the beauty. Life Quilt

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