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About Annabel

Art quilting sits on the fringes of traditional art and craft. It is often seen more as a craft than an art form, making the quest for recognition an uphill battle. This perception is slowly changing, but the journey toward acceptance and recognition in the art world remains challenging. Yet, this very challenge drives me to push the boundaries of the medium.

My art quilts are not really decorative pieces – they are narratives stitched into fabric, each one telling a story that reflects broader social themes. I aim to draw on the long history of textile arts, often associated with women’s work, to reveal ideas relating to gender, work, inequality, female oppression, and prejudice in all forms to all people.

My creative process is both meditative and methodical. It begins with extensive research and sketching, working through ideas until they are fully formed. This phase involves delving into the themes I want to explore, gathering inspiration from various sources, and translating these ideas into preliminary sketches. Following this, I select fabrics and threads that will bring the piece to life.

I not only incorporate recycled materials but also dye and print my own fabrics, trying to infuse the story into the many layers by using fabric applique. This adds depth and texture to my quilts, enhancing the narrative quality.

The sewing itself is a contemplative act, each stitch a deliberate choice that contributes to the overall narrative. The addition of painting further adds reality with tone and depth; creating the personality of each piece by producing a multifaceted artwork that engages viewers on multiple levels.

In addition to my solo projects, I’ve exhibited widely in the UK, the USA, and Australia. I have had the honour of exhibiting alongside Tracey Emin in London and have won open competitions and visitors choice awards in various places, including Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum and Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Museum and have even painted ‘live’ at an event at the NEC. These accolades have been affirming and have encouraged me to continue pushing the boundaries of what I do.

Looking ahead, I hope to continue expanding the reach of my art quilts, both geographically and thematically. I aspire to bring my work to a broader audience, challenging perceptions and inspiring change through the powerful mediums of paint, fabric, and thread. I envision my future work addressing a wider range of social issues and reaching new audiences, creating a platform for dialogue and reflection.

My goal is to continue evolving as an artist, constantly exploring new techniques and ideas, and making a meaningful impact through my art.