Diary of Progress

Benjamin Zephaniah

I’ve made a start on the first Benjamin Zephaniah’s portrait, and the image below shows it with the gold leaf in place but I haven’t quite finished the painting and there’s lots more stitching to […]

Diary of Progress

In the studio this week

Talking Heads – The Harmony Of Difference 1 Just the eyes to do! Apr 18, 2024 98cms x 120cms. Dyed and printed fabrics, applique, hand and heavy machine stitching, acrylic paint techniques. Well I thought […]

Life Quilts

The Life Quilts

Although the 20 Life Story Quilts have come to an end, and most are now in private collections around the world, there are 4 left that are available for display/exhibitions. Please contact me if you’d […]

No Picture


“Murder” is one in the Life Story series of quilts (www.annabelrainbow.co.uk) made a few years ago. I’m updating records, and trying to explain some of the thinking behind the work. (Sold UK) The quilt, number […]