Momento Mori 3- update 2

Irish ship's prow

Currently working on this one using experiments with beeswax, paper and scrim.

13th January 2024

This piece is being worked in panels and the first panel is done. It’ll be a background so the photo is just the first bit. I’m starting the more complex panel with drawings this afternoon using pen and paper which I hope will show texture when waxed. 

The technique for anyone interested is Bargello, and it’s quite fun to do – you do need to be a tad obsessive about sewing in a straight line though.

10th January 2024

Continuing with the “Ritual” piece, I’ve been making drawings and waxing them just to see if I can get an effect I like, and not yet unfortunately! I think I want the appearance of lots of wax, but not sure just yet.

Pencil drawings on cartridge paper, slight watercolour and beeswax. Crumpled for texture. The second image used acrylics, but that doesn’t work so well as I suppose it coats the paper in a plastic layer and it’s not so absorbent.

 Beginning 1st drawing

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