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The Glass Ceiling

Words for Life 11 The Glass Ceiling The stitched words are taken from Government stats and World Health Stats as well as articles in the Independent and Guardian. Most of the cementing text is my […]

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Life 4 words

Quilt over chair is English piecing over papers, applique, stitch and acrylic paint The words on this quilt are as follows and are a response to the question, Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today? […]

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Update on Windrush 5 – Icon Momento Mori 1 Stepping Off The Edge Momento Mori 2 Be Happy Validation Going For A More Relaxed approach Update on Talking Heads Portraits on Textiles Windrush – Rachel […]

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah

27th April 2024 I’ve made a start on Benjamin Zephaniah’s portrait, but the image shows it about half done. I’ve decided to do 2 pieces about Benjamin. This stitched portrait will be finished with gold […]


Talking Heads

I had one of those nights when you wake at some unearthly hour and can’t get back to sleep again because your mind is racing. The weight of the world was not weighing me down […]

Diary of Progress

Momento Mori 3 – Ritual

Background to the Momento Mori quilts: OK, so not everyone likes my quilts as they are not what you might normally expect to see and are sometimes quite challenging, but in my small studio tucked […]