The Life Quilts

Although the 20 Life Story Quilts have come to an end, and most are now in private collections around the world, there are 4 left that are available for display/exhibitions. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

Each quilt includes a life model and a heavily stitched background with text of the “story” the quilt illustrates, and they cover a wide variety of subjects: feminism, work, motherhood, monopause, abuse, depression, bullying, ageing and injustice.

I am moving on now in a new and to me, exciting direction, for the time being….but the quilts and I may be back!

Poisonous Plant


The Glass Ceiling

Mitochondrial Roots

On The Shelf

The UnProfessional Wife

Leaf Mould



Fighting Back

Still Life (with orange) 

Shall I Be Mother?

Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today

Switching Off

Be The Change You Want

Measures of Time

Self Portrait in the Third Person

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